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Default 2004/05 Playoffs...A wonderful look back

Ahhh..the 2004/05 playofffs.

Just puttin' this up so ya'll can remember how bad you fucked up in the playoffs...

Game 1. Jets 17 Squeelers 20

First of all, Doug Brien basically handed you guys the game to win...2 missed FG's. (Go Mike Nugent!!!!!!!!)

Ben's Stats:

4th rookie to ever go 15-1. (see...more luck than anything)

4th rookie to ever win 1st playoff start since 1970 merger. (again, more luck)

2 Ints- 1 returned by reggie tongue for an 80, yes 80 yard TD and 17-10 lead. The second was thrown with 1:58 left in the fourth. (such bad timing)

There were also poor Ben's gloves. He's worn gloves in 5 previous games and not had much of a problem but this time when he overthrew, threw off was because of the gloves.

Other Squeeler screw-ups.

6 trips to the Jets 33 yard line, nothing.

Bettis makes his firstt fumble in 365 carries (something close to that anyway) with 14:19 left in the fourth on the Jets 22 yard line.

Santana Moss has a 75 yard punt return as well. He stomped on the Steelers' normally strong special teams, which allowed only one punt return longer than 10 yards in their last 11 games.

Steelers are 1-4 in AFC title games with Cowher and have lost all 4 AT HOME. 4th loss in 5 such games in 11 years.

Steelers won 6 SB's between '74 and '79, Last apperance they lost to Dallas in '95.

Quote from Big Ben:

"Maybe I should have been. I came out calm and relaxed and took it like a regular game," he said. "Maybe next week I need to be a little more stressed."

Hmmm...Sound's like someone needed to tell big ben what the playoffs are all about..they are far from a regular game. Rookie retardedness.

Game 2: Patriots 41 Squeelers 27

You guys screwed this one up good enough by yourselves. The Pats didn't have to help.

Big Ben screws up even worse this time.

THREE Ints this game (that makes 5 in two games..christ, ben is starting to sound a little like carson...)

Bettis AGAIN fumbles for the second week in a row on a 4th & 1 situation. (he got stuffed anyway)

Pats Accomlishments.

Brady - 14/21 for 201 yards, 2 TDs and 0 Ints

Brady had a 60 yard touchdown pass, it was the biggest TD the squeelers had given up all year.

Not much for the Pats game, they ripped you apart, your team sucked big time.
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