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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

As for Tomlin, let's just be honest, it's a bit less so. It would be nice to see some growth, and a bit less of the same old mistakes repeated again and again. But if he's good enough for the Rooney's, he's good enough for me. I just wish that he was better than good enough, because good enough doesn't take you to the same place as great. And the Harbaughs are more than good enough, and that hurts a bit for this Steelers fan.

I hear what you are saying and can at times sympathize, but for personal reasons-- I can't stand either one of them. Both of them are a couple of **********s, in my opinion.

John and his whiney "WAHHHHH! We can't play the Steelers at home for the season opener!" and the other d-bag who does not shake hands with other coaches.

I especially love the face John Harbaugh makes when we beat his team and he thought he had a sure victory. The one on his face when the Steelers cmae back from 21-7 in the playoffs was PRICELESS. This last time when they lost to Charlie Batch, he looked like he was going to go home to a bottle of suds to cry.
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