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Default Re: The prospect of just keeping mendenhall

So what kind of contract would you guys offer Mendenhall? I'd be real surprised if any team offers him a big multi-year contract with guaranteed money. I'm just guessing here, but I think he prefers to get a fresh start some place else. What I would offer the guy is somewhere around $2M for a 1-year contract. Somebody is going to have to persuade me he deserves more than that.

Redman and Dwyer are Restricted Free Agents. My guess is that they both will be tendered at $1.33M and that's what will we pay them for a 1-year contract unless some other team offers them more and the Steelers don't match it. Batch has several more years to go on a rookie contract.

So, it looks to me that we likely will have Redman, Dwyer, and Batch next season unless they are cut. Who knows about Mendy.

I don't see any free agents out there who are all that much better than what we already have.

Now, as far as the draft goes, you got a bunch of 3rd rounders who mostly look like each other. Eddie Lacy, how much of what you saw was him and how much was that Alabama line? Now if you believe teegre, the Steelers should take Marcus Lattimore. I like that idea, especially if he's still there in the 4th round. Maybe the third.
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