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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Yeah, so with all that talent, where was San Fran before Jim came to town?
So, I already addressed this. An average coach that had some idea what he was doing could've taken that team to any kind of success. It's not hard when half of your defense are Pro Bowl players.

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
A bunch of undisciplined non playoff making non household name players. Jim comes to town and turns the team into an INSTANT threat and the best team in the NFL. It's the coach that's gets the most out of his players that wins. Just like belichick.
You're right! Jim is exactly like Bill Belichick! Minus all the Super Bowl rings and the playoff wins, but other than those stats, they're exactly similar! They could be confused for twins.

This is a ridiculous comparison. Bill is one of the best coaches of all time, and Harbaugh has yet to go to a Super Bowl.

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Tomlins he opposite. Players like to play for him cause he is soft and ain't really in charge. Players do just enough under his watch. I'd take a coach that turns a team into a threat, instead of a coach that turns a threat into a laughing stock. I'll take a coach that gets the mist out of his players instead of the coach that "everyone wants to play for" Tomlin needs to start getting tough with his men and make these young players play to their absolute best.
How did I know this was coming? The Steelers are a laughing stock because they went 8-8? Tomlin is yet to have a losing season. Let's take your buddy Cowher and his record, shall we? Tomlin has done the exact same things in terms of Super Bowl appearances and victories that Bill has done in about 1/4th the time. He has yet to have a losing season and despite losing his franchise Quarterback for 3 games, still managed a .500 season.

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
The lack of discipline showed through EVERY GAME this season and costs us a lot of wins. The more that Cowhers players leave our team, the sloppier and embarrassing we become. Watch the regression over the past 6 seasons. Can't argue with the facts man. Tomlin needs to step up and be a father to the kids, not the cool parent to the kids.
So, the year all of our veteran leadership is released and the fact that we start playing undisciplined football is just a huge coincidence? Those two things aren't related? I can't argue with the facts? In the last 6 years we've been to two Super Bowls. Is this post a joke? I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone right now.

The lack of discipline was caused by the lack of leadership. That's going to change this offseason. How about, instead of attacking non-issues and non-problems (like how the last six years have been 'regression years' despite going to, again, two fucking Super Bowls and winning one of them) we focus on the lack of true leadership this team has? Let's focus on the problems, not make ones up out of frustration.
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