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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

I agree with Steelers Canada 100%. The 49ers added a LOT of pieces as Jim Harbaugh joined the team. I made the same point in another post. John Harbaugh inherited a top 5 defense and a good quarterback.

The Steelers have owned the Ravens in the playoffs... or does no one watch the games? Tomlin is 6-6 vs the Ravens in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs. (At least 3 of the regular season games were played without Ben).

Tomlin is 63-33 in the regular season and 5-3 in the playoffs (with a superbowl).

This is the coach people have a problem with? Because he is a "player's coach"? Ask the running backs how much of a "player's coach" Tomlin is.
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