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Default Re: Steelers will select 17th in 2013 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
I think Te'o is the real victim here. This story will be really embarassing for him.

Te'o probably considered some "girl" he met online his girlfriend. He probably got had and now this story is all over CNN, Sports Illustrated it is EVERYWHERE. Hilariously awkward really. Prisoners and soldiers historically have married their pen pals so it is hardly setting a precedent. The truth is stranger than fiction. Mail-order bride anyone?

I hope this story combined with Te'o's poor bowl performance drops him down to at least the second round. Mingo 1st Te'o 2nd would be amazing.

Is it possible Tomlin was high on Te'o and posed as Te'o's "girlfriend" in order to set him up for embarassment and hurt his draft stock so the Steelers could steal him in the second round? I think that is the most plausible explanation.
No way he gets past the Ravens. They were rumored to already be trying to see how much it would cost to move up to 15 or 16, in order to snag Te'o (right before the Steelers could). If he drops to them, he's a Raven.

And, his "high character" screams Belichick... and, with so many picks, the Taperiots could afford to take a risk on Te'o.

Whichever drafts first (Taperiots) would take him in a heartbeat.

Regardless, I still see him going to either the Chargers or the Saints.
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