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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
He hit Smith in stride, twice. Missed once. Once is not several. Maybe you should rewatch the game?

The throw he made to Jones he was stepping up in the pocket and bombed it 60 yd through the air without setting his feet. If you are trying to argue arm strength or accuracy of the deep ball--you don't watch enough football, Flacco is one of the best in the league at the deep ball. His problem is pocket awareness and decision making. How many 30+ yd plays did the broncos hit that weren't 85% YAC? Oh yea none.

They were the number 2 defense all year, but when Flacco plays them they turn into the Buffalo Bills? I don't buy it. Flacco has a 120.0 QB rating in the post season so far, deal with it--the guy is good enough (not great) in the regular season, and very good in the playoffs.
HIs pick should have cost the game. Let's face it, the bomb was prayer. It was a fluke that would happen about 1 out of 40 or 50 similar game situations. Not saying the Ravens aren't a good team...but that play was a close your eyes and hope fluke...period. If it doesn't happen, I have been on your board, you and 99% of Ravens fans would be calling for Tyrod taylor to start and six coaches to resign.

I followed the game thread in your forum against Denver. No exaggeration, there were at least 40 "game over" type comments before the start of the 4th quarter. People hate on and cuss out their own team and players in there like no where else. And the ref blaming is epic. What a crock...Denver had way more penalties than the ravens yet there were dozens and dozens of comments saying the refs were giving broncos the game. Its a joke. Take your flacco and your AFCC loss to the Pats on Sunday and go home.
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