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Default Re: Can someone tell me how we ended up in this cap hell situation?

Woodley is going to get back into shape and back to football form and we're going to forget about his lucrative contract. We got into this situation because we have elite defensive players on our team and they deserve to be paid as such. That being said, I wouldn't blink twice about getting rid of Harrison, Troy, Keisel and Hampton and clearing cap space that way.

We were very good for a long time and have two DPOY players on our roster. That being said, they also got old very quickly and now their play and contributions aren't adding up with how much they're making.

As soon as these older guys are gone, we're going to be swimming in cap room. Harrison, Keisel, Troy, Hampton, Colon, Foster, Wallace and Mendenhall all gone will ultimately equate to 10's of millions in cap room. We just need Timmons, Woodley and Ben to restructure and we're fine for this year.
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