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Default Re: Super Bowl Championship Fan Rings For Him

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I didnt want to go to the bother of signing up for the website - you know how to post a picture up of the offending items?

Seems weird that they would have them not resemble the actual rings closely - is this fairly typical for SB 'fan' rings?

So...wheres the Lombardi going...on top of the wide screen...and will it be re-named the Cowher?

just click the original link in lyn's post. you dont need to sign in to see:

good question on the lombardi. (i could have him inscribe it with cowher.) my brother would do it for the price of silver (which wouldnt be more than a few hundered bucks and about 15-20 bucks an hour for labor. it would probably take him about 36-48 hours. since he graduated at utep he has become the curator of their art museum and a professor in sculpting 101 so he would have full use of their facilities and equipment. im seriously considering it just for a conversation piece but im sure its fairly illegal. lol

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