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Default Re: Steelers don't rule out drafting a QB in the 1st round

It is hard to think about it, with the Mark Malone, Neil O'Donnell or even the Leftwich/Batch flashbacks playing in my head. But if we are being realistic here about how long Ben has left, I would say 3-4 years, and hope for 5-6.

Saying that we would pick a first round QB would have to be a draft leverage move at this point. I sure would like to see at least one pink slip go out to our backup QB, and some young QB's in camp that we could seriously keep on the roster and give him some snaps in practice. I mean Batch just needs to oil his knees to get in the game, he knows what he has to do, and Ben should be the mentor to a potential backup QB while he is a starter. Then work him into some 4th quarter snaps, if we ever get past our wait til the last drive mentality.
R.I.P L.C.

How has a dink and dunk offense helped our QB I ask?
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