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Default Re: Super Bowl Championship Fan Rings For Him

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I seen them now, does a pewter sound to you?

Thats about what I would spend on that ring I think.

On the other hand, it would be worth something as a collectors item - you the last ring the Steelers ever won

That Lombardi trophy sounds pretty awesome - I think you will probably be safe from the prying eyes of the law...well....unless you decide to take it to a hip hop festival in Miami anytime soon......

i just looked at the ladies versions. dont fall for it ladies! the pewter would be cool just to have, i guess but i could carve an actual replica of the original out of wax from the picture alone and have my brother make a mold. (gold jewelry is his specialty) buing and setting the stones would be no problem. then again i cant afford that type of ice right about now and i wouldnt wear it anyways. not like i played on the team.

however the usa today article showed how the lombardis are made step by step and the exact dimensions. with the instructions, it would be like baking a batch of cookies for him. all it would take is the material and $$$ for the labor. it is eccentric but i would be the only person i know who had one and i think there are only 40 of them made.
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