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Default Re: Manti Te'o's girlfriend story a hoax?

Grantland has a great back and forth on this with Chuck Klosterman and Malcolm Gladwell trading shots such as these

All season long, after every Notre Dame win, I would turn to my wife and casually remark, "The Irish truly have a great defense — except for all their fake relationships with nonexistent leukemia victims. That's gonna cause problems when they face somebody from the SEC."

This is perhaps the goofiest "non-sports" sports story we've experienced since Tonya Harding.

it's difficult to understand how Manti Te'o could travel to Hawaii to visit his "girlfriend" without actually seeing her, unless he's just a profoundly confused person. Going to Hawaii to see a girl and then merely texting with her (the whole time you're there) is the equivalent of taking the Wonderlic Test and scoring a negative 36.

If a football player from the University of Miami made up an Internet girlfriend, we would just assume that it was a part of their undergraduate major in Online-Dating Studies.
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