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Default Re: Did Steelers make a rash decision to sign Antonio Brown?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
What money is he asking for? Don't tell me Fitzgerald money because we all know those are rumors.
No, that was per the team's website, Wallace himself in interviews, and Wallace's agent.

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
As for him only having 900 yards, he had more yards and ttouchdownsthen Brown and hhe's making way less.
Look how many times Wallace was targetted this season as opposed to Antonio....Brown isn't going to get yards if we are always trying to force the ball to our trojan horse #17.

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Everyone wants to hang Wallace because he isn't signed like Brown but in reality they both sucked equally and the only difference is Brown is making much more money.
Brown works hard and was expected to be a nobody (6th rounder). He earned his contract and had a down year. He did not hold out for a paychedck he did not earn.

One guy overachieved (Brown), while one guy underachieved (Wallace). Not coincidentally, the guy who underachieved, is the same one that was screaming for a bigger paycheck
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