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Default Re: Did Steelers make a rash decision to sign Antonio Brown?

Originally Posted by FrancoLambert View Post
What gets me the most about Wallace is his lack of all-out effort.
I can't get the image of him just watching Brandon Carr from the Cowboys run down the sidelines after that interception in Dallas out of my mind.
We don't need more guys like that, at 8-8 we need to get rid of them.
Cotchery's got less natural talent but more heart, he can assume a bigger role in the offense if given the chance.
As for signing Brown, not rash but a steep price was paid.
The Steelers win Super Bowls on heart and determination - not on pure speed(talent) alone - you can laugh at that idea as much as you want and call it silly - but, guys like Wallace come and go - I don't care about his world class speed - his attitude trumped it. I want a guy like Cotch who is going to put his body to the fire to catch that ball and WANTS to get more chances regardless of what that role might entail. You get paid six figures to millions of dollars - how about something from you on your end huh? No one guy, not even Ben, is bigger than the legacy built through the past 40+ years.

Guys like Stallworth, Lambert, Bradshaw, Franco, Rocky had to have 2nd jobs and even go off to war for god's sake - you think 1 guy can just simply get by on 10 mil and shut the hell up and play his heart out?

You play a game - either give it your all or get the hell out of here. Its as simple as that.
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