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Default Re: Colbert, Steelers FO Allude to Changes on the Way

i dont seem to remember anyone saying it was all wallaces fault for our 8-8 season.
i dont remember anyone saying we didnt care that ward held out.
what we do know is that this 8-8 season was partly due to wallace.
we also know that due to his actions this year(as stated above a few posts) that he was one of the biggest disappointments.
we also know that the team is strapped for cash and needs to free up some cash by cutting and restructuring players.
SO, seeing that we have to cut some players that actually tried this year to get under the cap, it would only m ake sense to cut the ones that didnt help us on the field or with their cap hit.
you on the other hand want to pay wallace 10+ million.
why would you want to pay a guy that much money when he sh!t on the team, fans and owner this year?
you can pretend that wallace is innocent and blame everyone else but the logical fans see what the problem is.............besides, if wallace wanted to stay here, like you claim he does, why didnt he take the contract that was offerd to him?
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