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Default Re: Can someone tell me how we ended up in this cap hell situation?

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
I know Harrison is a big cap hit, but he was also one of the best on defense. He started playing like an animal more and more every week. I'd keep him for another year if he's healthy 2 mote years. Woodley a chump.
You do realize that in back-to-back posts, you state that people on this site are dumb for wanting the GM to have signed Harrison to a long-term deal (which is putting them in "cap hell")... and then turn right around and say to keep Harrison "because he is one of the best on defense."

Which is it?

Regardless, Harrison being GREAT is exactly why he was given a long-term deal. That is exactly why Troy was given a big deal. That is exactly why BB was given a huge deal.

It isn't like the GM is signing Will I am GAY to monster deals. It isn't like the GM is re-signing Justin Hartwig. It isn't liek they are throwing money at LaMarr Woodley... oh.

Really though, if the GM had cut Troy in his prime (in order to save money), Steelers fans would have KILLED him!!!

Yes, the contracts were pushed back... and now... some of those "used to be great" players will be cut. It was Ward & Farrior last year... and more WILL be cut this year.
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