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Default Re: Colbert, Steelers FO Allude to Changes on the Way

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Oh, how quickly we forget when Ward held out and 'held the team hostage'. Over what, you're asking? Money. But, as usual, we need a fall guy to take the brunt of our frustration and why shouldn't it be the guy who held out?

He dropped balls. He lost concentration. At times, he looked out of sorts and not Wallace-like. So, we went 8-8 and on this site people decide to blame: a) Ben b) Tomlin c) Wallace d) Brown ... let me save some time, who didn't we blame?

Ward, this fanbases' poster-boy, pulled the exact same shit that Wallace did this offseason but we choose to forget it. We complain about double-standards by the front office but have them here, too. No, let's pin this season on Wallace because it was his lack of focus and concentration that caused this season to go off the rails. It wasn't the fact that we had a new OC, or the fact that our franchise quarterback went down - it was Mike Wallace and his holdout.

1 big difference - more production than 1 Mike Wallace leading up to the holdout and he followed it up with a SB MVP.

I don't remember Ward asking for more money than he was worth.
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