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Default Re: Can someone tell me how we ended up in this cap hell situation?

Originally Posted by sloppyjoe View Post
woodley played hard thru his rookie contract and was rewarded highly although upset that he didnt getted rreworked during his third year due the the F'ed up cba crap. he comes out hard to live up to the new money deal, plays well, gets hurt. doesnt really work hard to comeback the rest of the year, probably thinking 'they owe me for year #3 when i should have been getting more" takes the rest of the year off. lives large during the off season. steelers come knocking for a restructure. woodley says 'hell ya, gimme more up front money that i dont have to work for'. knowing the steelers cant do a damn thing aboput his contract for a few years, decides to take off the whole year.
now here we are with some real' fans wanting to restructure woodley again this year. lamar is sitting at home waiting and hoping for the call to see if he can 'help the team' and coast another couple years. tallk about the definition of ignorant.
So, once again, you've failed to provide any facts and are giving assumptions based on exactly ... oh, they're based on conversations you think happened. Ok, gotcha. So, the weight they carry is about the same weight that leprechaun's and unicorn's carry.

The bottom line is, when Woodley was playing healthy, he was living up to the contract we gave him. It doesn't matter what you think the conversation was or what you think the thought process was for Woodley because frankly, how could you possibly know what Woodley was thinking? Man, you have some sweet inside sources. First, it was knowing what Wallace and his agent discussed. Now, it's what Woodley is thinking. Man, you should use these super powers you have to fight crime.

I'm ignorant for dealing in facts and statistics? Gotcha.
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