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Default Re: Did Steelers make a rash decision to sign Antonio Brown?

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
I don't think the Steelers overpaid AB, he got what the market called for. However, contrary to some on this board, they got a real bargain for Wallace thus far. HIs rookie contract was worth 1.74m and last years tender of 2.74m totals less than 4.5m. Given the stats that he's put up over the last 4 years, there is no doubt in logical minds that the Steelers got the most out of the relationship. Wallace earned every penny he got and more.
i agree year 1-3 for sure. But, that doesnt give him a pass for his performance in 2012. Dropped passes, half a$$ed run routes, minimal efforts on passes he had to go all out for. He played poorly and its a what have you done for me lately league.

i can live with drops, cant live with poor efforts.

now, i totally get it, steelers DO NOT show loyalty to any players , if in the eyes of the organization a player is done or asking too much they are gone. so, i understand Wallace making business decisions.
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