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Default Re: Super Bowl Championship Fan Rings For Him

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
i just looked at the ladies versions. dont fall for it ladies! the pewter would be cool just to have, i guess but i could carve an actual replica of the original out of wax from the picture alone and have my brother make a mold. (gold jewelry is his specialty) buing and setting the stones would be no problem. then again i cant afford that type of ice right about now and i wouldnt wear it anyways. not like i played on the team.

however the usa today article showed how the lombardis are made step by step and the exact dimensions. with the instructions, it would be like baking a batch of cookies for him. all it would take is the material and $$$ for the labor. it is eccentric but i would be the only person i know who had one and i think there are only 40 of them made.
I dont know how you would be set with copyright infringement - but it sounds like a potential money making scheme to me.

Do you think many Steeler fans would wear it down to the local sports bar on a sunday - like you say, it sounds like one of those momento's that you keep in its box.

If the value of the Steeler XL SB rings dips in future months we will know that Hipchest and Brother having been baking and sellin' them like hot cakes.

Good point with the ladies rings - they look nothing like the original and I cant imagine that big of a market for re-sale.

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