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Default Re: Did Steelers make a rash decision to sign Antonio Brown?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Ok then post were wallace or his agent said he wanted Fitz money? As for Browns targets, if your open and the QB has faith in you then you get targets. Maybe he needs to run better routs, I don'tknow but if you think Brown had a good year then iIwould hate to see a bbad year. I'mnot saying wallace is great or anything , I think they both had a bad year but wallace definatly outperformed Brown
I don't think basically TOSSING THE BALL UP for the CLEVELAND BROWNS is outperforming.

Wallace had those few good touchdowns, but how much did it honestly matter?

Brown is in NO WAY perfect, but his attitude is 100 % BETTER! Yeah, so a little too much show-boating. I agree. But the man has the smile and the heart of a player who wants to succeed, along with his team.

Ben got hurt, Brown got hurt, our offense caved in and all out lost it for us. But I'm GLAD Brown is staying. He's made some GREAT catches and IDC about stats. Some of his receptions have been pretty!

Who has the better future? A guy who wants Fitz money, yet can't run routes, and only has speed? Or a guy who has potential, the heart of a winner, and the attitude to go the distance? Brown can only get better.

If we can't afford Wallace, let him walk. I'd like a bomb threat option too but as someone else stated, we won 2 superbowls without that. Brown is the better overall player and I think time will prove that.


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