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Default Re: Did Steelers make a rash decision to sign Antonio Brown?

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Yea, those slave driving rooneys are gonna pay that slave antonio brown $39 million dollars more in five years than this ****** will ever make in his lifetime. Brown plays the game with passion. Great players usually play the game with passion and would play no matter the pay scale. When big money comes into the factor it can change a person. Like Wallace for example. What the difference in making 80 million in a career or being a piece of shit greedy douchebag and hold out to try and make 100 million in a career. That's a person who plays for greed and money. Plays for the wrong reason and is usually a bad person to have in the locker room. Keep your plantation comments to yourself cause your boy Mikey doesn't appreciate the situation he's in and totally changed his ways for the bad when money came into the picture. Your boy Mikes is one greedy slave and is the type of person that will have a $100 million in his lifetime and still be filing for bankruptcy before he's 50. Cause that's also the white plantation owners fault. Get real Django, don't ever compare overpaid black men with more rights and privileges than most Americans than under paid whipped black men that would be beaten if they knew how to read, you scumbag.
I see that my point went over your little head. Let me splain it to you like you're 4. AB is his own man and very capable of making his own decisions. Wallace doesn't have any influence over him. You insinuated that AB is this dummy incapable of intelligent thought. Wallace is his own man and also capable of making decisions he deems necessary which maximizes his bottom line. You went off on a real wild fucking tangent. Go back and read my post, I don't see where you could have gotten this far off track.
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