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Default Re: Steelers don't rule out drafting a QB in the 1st round

I'm not surprised KC is thinking like this. It was pretty obvious they weren't happy with Ben's play and attitude and brought in a no nonsense, non friend in Haley who would hold him accountable. I had a feeling that once Ben started to revert to his old ways after he returned from his injury that a rift would develop and low and behold we see it now. Ben better get on board with Haley or this may be his last year here. Seems like Haley was just trying toget Ben to make quicker decisions, have a quicker release, and be more cerebral. Too bad Ben is not the brighest bulb in the sky and not equipped to play that way. Not a knock, Peyton can't run the option, doesn't make him bad, well, Ben can't read defenses and make anticipation type throws. It's why he always needs to hold on to the ball for so long and thrives once plays break down and he can then revert to his inate athletic ability and sometimes make magic happen. I truly believe Ben can stand to study a little more and be better prepared. Until then he will struggle under Haley unless he buys into it 100%.
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