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Default Re: Steelers don't rule out drafting a QB in the 1st round

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
As posted before the Steelers missed the boat last year when passing on Cousins a couple of times,ultimately the Steelers orginization will do what is best for the team(as they have done year after year) and Colbert said it best, it's silly to think the team will get better without changes.This might not be the best year to draft a QB but look at the way the Vikings fell apart when Joe Webb had to step in for Christian Ponder and the Steelers are currently in the same situation. First off any backup worth a sh*% currently in the NFL will demand big money(something the Steelers cannot afford).Secondly Batch most likley will retire and Leftwich needs to be coaching High School football not skipping passes into Recievers at Heinz field. So that leaves the draft,if the Steelers can make a trade(to move up)and pick up a desirable QB what's wrong with that? The fact is Ben will not be around 10-12 years due to injury and the Steelers orginization sees that so they must look foward and face the fact that the Steelers can survive with a mediocre backup LB but not a mediocre backup QB
Joe Webb is also drafted by the Vikings. Again, if it's weak class of QB, the Steelers might likely just pick another Joe Webb. When only mediocre backup QBs available in the draft, picking one of them will not help the situation.
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