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Originally Posted by tburhans View Post
I didn't say trade back just for a third round pick if you look what I wrote it's trading back for a second and third round pick. If elam is gone you could put a olb in that spot like a alex okafor or a rb like lacy
No I read exactly what you said. The Steelers aren't gaining a 2nd round pick they are trading back 16 spots out of the first round and exchanging their number one pick for a 2nd round pick and what do they come out of this with for doing so? A third round pick. That's what they gain for dropping 16 spots.

If you read what I said,

The Cleveland Browns once traded a future number one just to get back into the first round. The Steelers would be imcompetent laughing stock idiots to make such a move as you suggest.

Cleveland traded its second-round selection in 2007 (36th overall) and its first-round selection in 2008 to Dallas for Dallas' first-round selection in 2007 (22nd overall) Now that deal I would take as Jacksonville more then likely will be picking top ten again next year.

More likely your scenario comes to pass by trading down a bit in the first round for that extra pick in the 3rd. If you ever make a trade out of the first round into the early 2nd you should always try and get a future pick as these teams more then likely won't turn it around and you will have a very high pick from them the following year..
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