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Default Re: Ut I'm pissed...

Originally Posted by Avoid LLoyd1975
Some of you out there must be brady fans the way everyone is kissing his ass. One of our most hated rivals and we got steeler fans cheering him on???? I don't get it. Every post about him clearly states he doesn't put up great numbers. Product of the system. Just like over-rated Roethlisberger. Ben is good but still unproven. No loyalty to the black and gold. I'd like to see you make a positive remark about Tommy boy in front of half of our defense. They would probably laugh in your face and wrip the steeler emblem from your heart. I forgot he did beat us single handedly???? We beat ourselves in that game I do recall. That and our shitty gameplanning.

AV, I think the reason people are not rallying to your defense, and I could be wrong, is that grown-ups use big words and don't instantly play the homophobe card when making a point. When a player beats you, he beats you. Deal with it. You had the leagues best defense and a terrible QB like Brady was a major part in putting up 41 points on it. Sometimes you just got to tip your cap to a guy.

You lost. But the good news is that you got a great team returning, led by a 2nd year QB that appears to be an awesome QB. No need to showcase your potty mouth, unless you really are a child.

And being a fan of a team does not mean you have to blindly be a homer. You can respect and appreciate oppossing players while at the same time disliking them. It's called maturity. Let's see, for me, I am a big Ward, Bettis and Porter fan. I hate that they are not on my team, but those guys play their asses off come Sunday.
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