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Default Re: Please Get rid of Haley heres why.....

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
Hey I have a great idea.Lets run up the middle again.Was this the most non exsplosive steelers offense ever?Todd Haley couldn't keep his head coaching job because of his inaffective offensive game plan.Why would he get to keep his OFF CO job because of it?The steelers don't have a Bettis like back anymore.I mean there were games this year that I literally could call every play the whole game.If I can do that don't you think other teams D Co's can't?Oh wait, they did.In EVERY game this year.I mean PLAIN JANE game plans Haley.Your horrible.I know 12 year olds that call a better game on Maddon than you do.I know the excuse for getting rid of Ariens was that Big Ben got hit too much.
So...when we had Arians-- it was, 'you have to be patient with the running game and force the opposing defense to defend it. Even if the run game does not succeed at first, you must stick to it and be patient'.

Now, the gameplan is too bland?

Some Steelers fans are never happy...

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
Well guess what.We gave up more sacks than last year.Ben had one of the worst injuries he's ever had this year.Statisically our offense was down in almost ever catagory this year.Player by player, all individual statistics were down.Our rushing game has gone from ground and pound, with nice outside speed to OMG predictable.I mean what exactly did Haley bring to the team that gets him anouther year of work with this orginazation?
Well guess what? Prior to the Big Ben injury, our offense was on pace to break records and Ben was having a career season.

No, he did not get sacked more this year than last. He was sacked 30 times this year, as opposed to the 40 times last year.

The run game stunk because look who we had-- an undrafted free agent that was injured to start the season (Redman), a fatass that almost ate his way out of training camp (Dwyer), a wife-beater (Rainey), and a guy who has never had a run longer than 4 yards (Batch).

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
Also.Tomlin.I like you a lot.But, we have missed the playoffs 2 of the past 4 seasons.You need to get it together.This is simply inexcusable from the greatest football orginazation in the world.we aren't the cowboys or dolphins for gods sakes.
Question: were you a fan of the Steelers back in the 1980's? Cowher had some rough years there when Chuck's guys aged out. Missing the playoffs two separate seasons is too much for you? Goddam Steelers fans are spoiled.

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
Watching my Steelers this year was embarassing.
I hear the Jags are looking for a few good fans?

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
Please fire Haley.Don't waste anouther year on a man that doesn't know how to use the personel he has on the field.
I don't know, kiddo. His offense was on pace to break Steelers records until Ben got hurt.

His Kurt Warner-led offense in Arizona almost stole SBXLIII from the jaws of our untouchable defense.

Originally Posted by Plasiton View Post
That is all for now.
Thank goodness for that.
"On the S-2-7 train"
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