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Default Well now that I have some material to work with....

Ok I didn't mean to start a same old same old.
Our running backs are middle of the pack at best.But it was Haley that wouldn't leave well enough alone, and stick with one guy.All running backs need reps to get going.Over the course of a game, and a season.Haley would have a different back in, every down.Not letting any of them get into the role of starter, and leader of the rb core.the few times he did.We got a back to run for 100 yards or close.Yes Rashard was hurt for half the season, and worthless the other half.But we have 4 other backs Pick one.Go with it.By the way if the "backs aren't fast enough to hit the outside" then you screen, pitch,or overload that side with blockers.Or screen more to you WR's.Seamed to work pretty well last year doing it that way.

We have arguably the best 3 or 4 man corp of recievers (including the TE), in the entire league.Use them.Haley has no idea what to do with that much talent and it went to waist for most of the season.If it wasn't for the talent of said recievers Ben wouldn't of had any yards.They had to pickup all their yardage of of 3 and 4 yard dink and dunk crud.Oh I know.There were a few tosses down the field.Also the recievers dropped too many balls as well.But Haley is a joke when it comes to game planning.Except fo Miller the passing game was terrible.

I am not some 16 year old.I am 40.Sat with my uncles and mom and dad through the 70' & 80's.The best of times , the worst of times.The 90's were better.Not great.We had a payed off Super Bowl loss in 95, that tore my heart out.AND YES I do think Neil was payed.You can think what you want.this has been the best decade of Steelers football since the 70's.I appreciate that.But we have taken a back seat to the PATS for 10 years, and now we are getting (even in the good years) owned by the RAVENS for the past 3 or 4 years.By the way I live in Baltimore now.ARRRGH.
I do expect better, and more consistancy EVERY year.Not every 2 or 3 years.Period.
It is because of this I don't want to see anouther 10 year SuperBoewl drout.

The defense is going to get old waiting on this slow, predictable offense to figure out what the heck they are doing.By the way I didn't say Ben got sacked more, I said the team gave up more sacksAnd actually it might be tied with last year.
We need Players at every posistion on the team.Backup QB,2nd TE,solid 4th WR that can actually do KR's and PR's.We still need more good O linemen.
On Defense we need Linemen, LB's, CB's, and Safeties that can stay healthy.
We need Turnovers.Thats the only thing I can say about that is truely bad.We aren't getting Turnovers or Sacks.That needs to change.

The Steelers need to get better in all facets of the game.That is all.TY.
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