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Default Re: How many more years does Ben have left?

Some teams just know how to do it then. I can think of two right of the top of my head that have had two great quarterbacks without a huge gap in between like us (Patriots, Bledsoe-Brady... Packers -Farve- Rogers, and I'm sure there are more examples I just can't think of them right now. My point is it's possible if we play our cards right we're the pittsburgh steelers for christs sake! quit WASTING our draft picks on linemen, get a play maker, a big name, I know it sounds simple and obvious but maybe now is actually the time for that because in MY opinion that is our biggest problem right now, we don't have one particular player that everyone is afraid of , we have made some bad decisions for the past 5 drafts and its really biting us in the ass.
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