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Default Re: NY passes new state gun laws

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
I agree. I'm tired of all of the deranged psychos mowing people down with swimming pools. Let's get rid of them all. And bathtubs serve no other purpose but mass murder, so far as I can tell.

Your examples are lacking a certain je ne se quoi... like maybe a connection to reality.
you are lacking any vision to see the truth

What he's doing is bringing his radical left nightmare to middle America. what he promised a long time ago.

He'll crush every bitter cracker who stands in his way - the subject doesn't really matter to him, whatever he can use

Kids, guns, heathcare, trillion dollar coins.... he says it's all his now - and he'll tell you what's good for you....just like I perdicted.

you voted for him for Emperor, right?

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