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Default Re: Team to investigate rash of injuries

Originally Posted by truesteelerfan View Post
I think getting these injury problems resolved are as important - if not more so than having a great draft! We still have more than enough talent to compete - but before we go into rebuilding mode - lets keep who we have healthy and win a couple more rings. The number and frequency of injuries are out line with most teams - I think without any research - need to somehow investigate and make sure our trainers and staff are doing the best job possible to get people ready for the rigors of contact (sorry Goodell, it is still a contact game) football.
Hipchest and I had a good debate about this a while back.

What I took from that-- is that this injury problem is multi-facetted.

For starters, the obvious. The Steelers need to look at the injury statistics, and re-evaluate their offseason training program, because obviously, the current one-- is NOT cutting it.

Secondly, some of the onus for poreparation is on the players themselves. These guys are professionals and from what I hear, Tomlin's coachng style is mroe depdnent on the ndividual players to police themselves and be professionals about their job. Woodley neds to get his ass on an excercise bike or something, among some of the others. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

And lastly-- Hipchest is spot on abut this I think-- the shortened OTAs do NOT benefit the more physical teams like the Steelers or Ravens (who were also decimated by injuries). This is the age of Roger Goodell....he is changing the game faster than some teams can keep up wit the new rules changes. We need to look at offseason training as something that has to evolve with the new reuirements of the game.

If there is less time for conditioning before preseason starts under the new CBA, then the Steelers need to adapt to that.
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