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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Falcons cause they have 0 rings. And that means the other 3 left dont win.

Ravens cause they have 1 ring and they are our Little Brother, and always will be. Rivals beat each other in the playoffs, they never have beat us when it mattered. And its funny to think about they won it all but couldn't beat Charlie Batch. So sure, whatever, I hate them and their fans but whatever, at least they aren't the Cowboys or one of our real Rivals like the Broncos or Raiders or Patriots or any other multple time multiple appearance team, you know, Legendary Franchises, like the Packers or Dolphins or Giants or Colts.

Patriots, cause they have 3 rings that are tainted because they cheated, everyone knows they cheated, they were proven to have cheated and haven't won since they were forced to stop cheating. But even if they do get 4, well that only ties the Bradshaw Noll record. They are 3-3 in the game, we are 6-2, so if they are 4-3 we are still better.

49ers. No. Only we are allowed to have 6.

Dream Scenario is Falcons winning, cause it'll be hilarious to see the Ravens or Patriots lose the big game, but since I've seen the Pats lose three, and actually, pretty sure I rooted for them to beat the Packers cause I liked Curtis Martin, I'd enjoy seeing Ray Ray on the side line as the Falcons celebrated.

Nightmare Scenario, 49ers vs Patriots. I remember how freaking miffed I was when the 49ers won their 4th and tied us back in the day and how sad I felt when they got to 5 before us. At least the Cowboys had to play us to get to 5. EF YOU NEIL EF YOU! anyway I'd have to go for the Pats in that one I guess. Brady and Bill B may be big a-holes, but they are "our a-holes" not like that jackoff in San Fran who's teeth we knocked out of his skull in '96

I'm sure some of you may disagree.
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