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Default Bengals Last 15 years

Just a reminder to all Bengals fans who think their on thier way to greatness. Reality check. Fifteen years without a playoff berth. If you know anything about football, then I don`t need to tell you that your team sucks. No this is not my opinion, this is a fact, check the NFL.COM. Ask around , start a poll. Don`t be such a retard, Wretched Mess.

Qoute from Wretched Mess. " Ah Steelers suck" Well then whats worse than sucking, cause thats where your team is.
" Ben blew it in the playoffs" Wow thats a good one. Did you team even make the playoffs?
" You got lucky in the playoff, Jets missed a field goal" Bengals never lucked out? Not enough I guess cause they never have made the playoffs.

To all Bengals fans other than Wretched Mess. I feel sorry for you. I would be embarassed of WM. At least BF, Bengal Brian, and Bengal Dave know football. WM is just a retard.
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