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Default Re: NY passes new state gun laws

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Identify those.
You can't be serious? You think those EO's come for free???? They don't.

See, here's where, at the heart of it all, people disagree. Some people think that it's the federal governments job to protect them and take care of them in everyday matters. This was never the purpose of our federal government. Those issues are supposed to lie within our local and state governments.

The Constitution authorizes the feds to regulate in areas of national defense, foreign affairs, keeping interstate commerce regular, establishing a post office, protecting patents and artistic creations, and keeping the nation free. The areas of health, safety, welfare and morality were not delegated to the feds and were retained by the States.

The Supreme Court has ruled consistently and countless times that the “police power,” that is, the power to regulate for health, safety, welfare and morality, continues to be reposed in the states, and that there is no federal police power. All of this is consistent with the philosophical principle of “subsidiarity,” famously articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas argued that the problems that are closest to the people needing government intervention should be addressed by the government closest to those people. Its corollary is that all governmental intervention should be the minimum needed.

Read more:

Seriously, suck on it statists. I'm so tired of this argument. If you demand a central government to make moral laws for you, go move to Britain. I hear they love that crap there.

I don't hate those that want "gun control" (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean), I get that you're afraid of your fellow man. You shouldn't be, but I get it. You are targeting the wrong people with these actions though. Do any one of you who want Obama to pass gun bans want to question him about Fast and Furious? Anyone? You think he cares about your safety? Or your child's safety? He doesn't. But I guaran-damn-tee you that your neighbor with firearms would protect you and your children quicker than the federal government would if someone came breaking down your door. I'd take any one of you in to my home for protection if it ever came to that. I wouldn't even have to know you. I'm dead serious when I say that gun owners in America value your life more than the federal government does. Think about that.
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