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Default Is Colbert Quietly on the 'Hot Seat'?

I know this might not be the popular opinion or a well-recognized one, but I think that Colbert might in fact be on the hot seat. Looking back for a second, take a look at the contrasting opinions of the team that Colbert and Tomlin have expressed. Mike said the traditional coach-type things - disappointing season, obviously not where we wanted to be, we have room to improve.

Colbert, on the other hand, was far more blunt, upfront and almost confrontational. His message that the entire team should be on their toes and they're " ... not married to any free agents" makes me think that Colbert might be feeling pressure from up top, not Tomlin.

Let's look at the draft picks from the last couple of years.

A great example of missing on draft picks would be the '08 draft. Not only did we miss on almost every single pick in that draft, we missed on the most essential ones. Now, Mendenhall is going to walk from the team and test free agency. This fact might not have been important if we had a legitimate RB on the roster to replace him with. Now, we're almost forced to use a fairly high pick on a RB in either this draft or next years.

We could also point to missing on Limas Sweed, too. We're in a very similar situation with with our receivers that we are with our 'backs. We're forced to use a high pick in again, this year or next years draft because of talent walking away and having little-to-no depth behind our starters.

That's just the '08 draft, though. Let's go ahead and look at the more recent ones. In 2009, we took Ziggy and for the most part, he has been underwhelming. He hasn't looked like a first round pick in the snaps he has received and ultimately, the starting role he walked into. Now, this could be because we were used to seeing Smith in that role or it could be, quite frankly, he isn't very good. 2010, 2011 and 2012 we seemed to hit on our first round picks. Heyward and DeCastro have both shown flashes and great potential in the time they have started, but are going to need more time to get an accurate representation of these guys.

It's not just about missing on draft picks, though. Look at the current cap situation we're in - it's a mess. Now, this could be a joint-effort between him and Khan but ultimately, the current contract situation we're in falls on the shoulders of Colbert. Being this far over the cap and admitting that "we don't have many franchise players" is a serious problem and one that needs to be addressed. I don't know whose idea it was to give Harrison that lucrative a deal when he was starting to show signs of aging, but that problem will ultimately fall on Colbert and Harrison's ridiculous cap hit is one of the many problems we're facing this offseason.

Colbert's response to questions seemed cold and of a guy who realizes that another down year with another series of missed draft picks might spell out the end of for him. With the interest in Khan over the last few years, I don't know how much longer we can keep him around. If next offseason we're in a similar mess with another series of ridiculous contracts and a series of missed draft picks, Colbert could ultimately be on his way out the door and I think he knows it. It's why in his interview he sounded more angry and frustrated than he has in the past and this could be because he realizes he has to make this offseason work or he's going to be working for another team come this time next year. With the way the Browns are hiring everyone off the street, it could be Cleveland.

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