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Default Re: Pens open against Flyers in Philly?

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
I have never watched a hockey game in my entire life. It just wasn't that big a sport when I was a kid growing up, so I never developed an interest in it. In fact when I was young the Penguins didn't even exist, they were called the Hornets back then.
That's fine. I'm going to guess that you're my Mom's age (by the Hornets reference...hell you could be my Grandma's age with that reference ).

It was never a big sport in W.Pa. Not until recently. Neither was football for a long time though. The Steelers were a joke from the 30's-60's. Sure, we bred some good football players, but no one was going to Steelers games. Sort of like how no one is going to Pirates games now....even though baseball was the defining sport of the city for many years (when the Steelers were complete shit).

It's a new day. I fell in love with hockey when I was 4. The team sucked some serious ass, but I just loved watching it. Rinks in the area are on the rise. High schools are starting to produce some serious players. We are no longer just a football city. Check out the drafts. Every year there are more and more players from W.Pa.

If you have never had an interest in hockey, then what is your reason for commenting on a hockey related post?
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