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Default ARIANS

Well Bruce is now a head coach. If your a Steeler offensive player what would you be thinking of the front office about now?

Let's break it down.

Your a player who is flourishing under Arians. Mike Wallace had amassed over 2,400 yards under him with 18 TDs the last two years and Antonio Brown has a career year with over 1,100. Ben throws for over 4,000 yards and Mendenhall averages 4.1 yards a carry and 9 TDs. Reman is averaging 4.7 per carry. The offense is 12th in the league.

You hear from the top that Arians is retiring. Then you hear that is not true he has been fired. So you already have been lied to.

Next he in instantly hired by a very good organization to be the OC. Then you see him promoted to Head Coach and flourish.

Now he gets an actual Head Coaching position.

Would you trust in your leadership?

I'm not a big BA fan. I think his biggest problem here was stubborness and arrogance. All he had to do was get better in the red zone which he failed to do. He also needed to develop Ben better in reading defenses.

After a playbook show about the Steelers loss in the Super Bowl to Green Bay I realized that Arians had the game plan in place to win that game and on at least 5 occasions Ben made the wrong read and the wrong throw. And we're talking about easy reads here.

I actually think BA will fail in Arizona, but right now he is riding high and having a good laugh and making the Steelers' front office look a little inept not just to the public but maybe to the actual players themselves.
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