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Default Re: Steelers don't rule out drafting a QB in the 1st round

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
as much as I've been Ben bashing - I think he is capable of making quick decisions and releasing quickly. He has shown that he understands going through progressions and making some smart decisions and efficiently moving the chains.

Their performance against the Giants was undeniably Super Bowl quality type play - as it was the year before in a big win against the Patriots. Ben can become a QB that kills with efficiency just as much as extending the play. His willingness to do so? It isn't there right now - and that is where he must get better - this will be the difference in taking the next step in reading defenses and checking into more appropriate audibles. One of his weapons outside of Heath must become a leader and take more pressure off Ben for this to work though - he can't do it all on his own - and especially when health is also of concern - we have to keep Heath active in the passing game - this means not having to stay in and play as an extension of the O-line.

We need someone consistently productive - not take the league by storm great, but consistently moves the ball forward enough for teams to respect that it could keep happening to them. We need decisiveness at this position.

At the WR spot, we need a group of guys with sure hands above all else. Speed comes after you catch the ball. Worry about your job and moving the chains. It isn't called "RECEIVER" for nothing. If we valued speed over possessing, it would simply be called Wide Speedster. Decisiveness, Possession, and commitment to getting back to the basics can fix this. Some of this is in the attitudes of the complacent and those undeserving of wearing a Steelers uniform. I think some of those attitudes will be gone and we can get a fresh, nothing-to-lose start.
Well stated, dude.
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