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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
Well, I've learned to be careful about that. I could make a bunch of generalizations about Steelers fans based on what I see on the internet, what I see out in public from people I don't know, etc. It wouldn't be very accurate, though. The people I have actually met and gotten to know that are Steelers fans are pretty good people - they just have terrible taste in football teams

I try to be careful how much I get carried away with stuff I read on forums. It's an awfully slanted population sample, and if you do post as a fan of another team the immediate inclination is to think you are trying to be a complete d*ck. So I don't know what specific experiences you've had with Ravens fans, and I certainly don't want to do anything to lessen the rivalry, but the truth is Ravens fans are about the same anybody else, really.
I am a member of the official Ravens board. I followed the whole game thread during the Broncos game. I cant tell you how many times different people said, "game over." I'm talking long before the 4th quarter. Also, they bash their own players a lot....stupid comments about how horrible Kruger is or Jacoby drops one ball so he sucks and on and on and on.

Also, there is constant ref blaming. I made one post during the whole game. It was after about six complaints of refs I simply posted that at that point in the game it was Broncos 9 penalties for 69 yards, Ravens 3 penalties for 30 yards. But this ref blaming is never ending. One of the moderators in there actually argued with me that it's not how many penalties but it is when and where they are called. As if refs are saying, "this is a key moment, we have to stop the Ravens or help the Broncos." Many Ravens fans are firmly convinced that there is at least a sub conscious bias for the Steelers. They have made this argument to me over and over during the past few years that I have worked in Ravens country.

I live in the York, PA area. I see Steeler gear all the time. Even now I see Steeler gear. I wore my Steeler gear to the store the day we got knocked out of contention. I saw fellow Steeler fans everywhere. We all said, "we will get em next year." When Ravens lose, there is no purple to be seen, When they win, it's everywhere. Freaking fair weather fans.

Finally, there is the obsession with people who are Steeler fans that the Ravens fans think are from the Baltimore area. They just loathe any Steeler fan that they think (usually wrongly) doesn't have a legit connection to the Burg. I was born in Pittsburgh but live in SC PA now and spend a lot of time in Maryland. I go to the games in Baltimore and the whole time people scream at me, "Go back to Towson." I didn't even know what the heck they were talking about when I first started going. I can honestly say I have been treated far worse in Baltimore than when I have attended games in Cleveland and Cincy. I was at the game in 09 when we lost in Cleveland. Wasn't treated near as nasty as when I go to Baltimore....truly, not even close.

Sure, there are bad fans everywhere but here is why I think the things above happen and that Ravens fans are worse at these two things than many other teams. 1) They have come so close and lost with good teams many times the last few years. They are looking for someone to blame for this....namely, the refs. (Or temporarily hate your own good team who gave you the hope) 2) They hate the success of the Steelers and for the most part ,have no respect for Steeler fans. Especially, the new or uniformed Ravens fans.
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