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Default Re: Well now that I have some material to work with....

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Honestly, I think this one is on Tomlin.

No, it wasn't. Ben was being mentioned in MVP conversations and our offense was on pace to break franchise records.

Haley cannot make the receivers catch the ball. Brown had an off-year, and Wallace just plain stinks as anything other than a post runner. But either way, prior to the Ben injury, this offesne was rolling. It only neeeded to work on its red zone success rate some.

Actually, since the offense was 2nd in ToP, the offense was doing EVERYTHING it should to keep the defense fresh and to help them out. Couldn't be farther from the truth.

And you are still wrong. 40 sacks is still more than 30.

The only one area where I think we can honestly blame Haley-- is that his offensive scheme this year was built entirely around Big ben's skillset. He had no contingency plan for if Ben got hurt.

Leftwich and Batch are two completely different types of QBs from Ben. When he got hurt, they were not ready to have the backup QB come in and take over. We need to draft or find some backup QBs that are more similar to Ben's skuillset, so we can expect them to maintain the gameplan if they have to fill in, instead of having to throw out the whole playbook as a result.
well lets see.

We shall compare Bens 2010 season.Because its the closest to match with this season, because he also only played 12 games.Because of the suspension.Remember he was hurt at the end of that season too.Like every season it seams like haha.they also made it to the superbowl and like last year had one of the hardest scheduals in the league.They had one of the easiest scheduals this year.I also added in 2011 season just for comparison.

2010 att/comp: 389/240 yards:3200 per:61.7 Yds/Att: 8.23 TD's:17+2 rush tds int:5
2011 15 GP :513/324 :4077 :63.2 :7.09 :21 +0 :11
2012 :449/289 :3265 :63.3 :7.30 :26 + 0 :8
Yds per game: 2010: 266 2011: 271.8 2012: 272
team sacks given up. 2011 42 2012 37.
Rushing stats: 2010: 1924 2011: 1903 2012: 1537

If I see any trend here it is that the only reason Ben had a little higher average is because Haley's horrible dink and dunk offense kept leaving us falling behind, and having to play catchup.For a guy that was supposed to protect Ben.And be a running backs coach.The running game was the worst its been in years.Run up the middle every other down with a different RB everytime for 2 yards.Then a 5 sack difference is not protecting Ben.Plus he got crushed and his life in danger with the broken rib and dislocated shoulder.Does NOT sound like his gameplan worked, or he was better than Arians.I will wait and see cause I dont own the team.Arians is a head coach now.Haley lost that gig and just put up a blown season for us.Thanks a lot.And guess what.I am angry.Very.We just put in our 3rd non playoff year in the past 6.That really pisses me off.I look at the big picture.Bens Stats were looking better because the rest of the offense is falling apart.
Haley also proved he cant call a game in clutch moments.We lost almost every loss at the end of games, the offense not getting it done.Close but no cigar.We had 4 trys to guarantee a playoff spot.The D gettin it done.The offense blowing it.I blame Tomlin, Haley, and the players.But mostly the turd Haley.LOL.
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