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Default Re: Nightmare Scenario, who do you cheer for?

I can't think of anything worse than a Steelers fan rooting for the Patriots. After all the painful losses they've caused us, and Tom Brady spiking the ball at Heinz Field after running it in for a TD in a blowout, there is no way I will root for them.

The Ravens are our biggest rivals, yes, but we've dominated that rivalry, especially in the playoffs. I don't mind seeing them make it to the Super Bowl and winning it. It would certainly make our rivalry even bigger and more intense, and I'm all for that. Plus it would be great to see Ray Lewis go out with a ring, just like The Bus did. He's always been the one Raven I liked and respected.

The 49ers winning would tie us, yes, but I am cheering for them from the 4 teams left. I'm not a fan of Harbaugh and hated how they benched Alex Smith after all that he's done, but they are a fun team to watch and have a lot of likable players.

The Falcons winning would probably be best for Steelers fans, but Falcons in the Super Bowl will be terrible. I'm a football fan, and would much rather watch 49ers vs. Ravens or 49ers vs. Patriots, both of which would be amazing Super Bowls.

A true nightmare Super Bowl for me would be Cowboys vs. Patriots. I'd much rather have the 49ers tie us than the Cowboys tie us.
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