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Default Re: Steelers will select 17th in 2013 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
Jordan or mngo no! Have explained it before . Vaccaro or Elam yes.

And please stop saying Jordan or mingo if you won't responded back to people's argument. These draft topics are so sporadic on these board and no ones responds when valid points are made. And the same draft prospects are named over and over again.

No knowledgeable conversation here it's very annoying
There is basically no sure thing in draft when you pick after top 5. Sure we won't mention Jordan or Mingo if the Steelers have a top 5 pick. In this case we will talk about Jones. Most people here mentioned Jordan or Mingo acknowledge their weaknesses. But people also acknowledge their upside and still think that it may worth the risk.

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