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Default Re: Is Colbert Quietly on the 'Hot Seat'?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Enlighten me, who do you pin the bad contracts, poor drafting and bad cap situation we're in right now on? I'd love to hear how Tomlin is to blame for any of this because it's already been posted multiple times in many other threads that Tomlin isn't in charge of drafting. He isn't in charge of contracts which resulted in this ridiculous cap situation we're in.

So I'll ask again, who do you pin it on?
Bad contracts? Poor drafting? Bad cap situation? Did you mistake the Steelers for the Jets or the Redskins? In Colbert's tenure he hasn't had one bust in the 1st round. 2 of those guys are on pace to go to the Hall of Fame. Countless pro bowlers from free agent pick ups(Parker, Harrison) or low draft picks. Signed one the most important players of this last era of Super Bowl winners, James Farrior. They have been to 5 AFC title games, 3 Super Bowls and 2 Super Bowl titles as GM/PP in his 13 years.

When a team loses to shitty teams, it is ALWAYS the coaches fault. He is not preparing the team well enough. When your QB keeps bitching about stuff, it's the HEAD COACH who can not control his player. You have seen plenty of times up in New England when a player gets wise, Hoody sends them packing to the Raiders or Siberia and he fleeces that team for an extra 1st rounder.

Well, the interview Colbert made the other day had just as much to do with warning shots at Tomlin then anyone else. It meant, it aint going to be a bunch of quitters like Mike Wallace and Mendenhall holding you down anymore. SO, if the results stay the same when he lets those clowns go and finds replacement who DO give a shit, then its on you Mr Standard. The Standard is the Standard in terms of running an organization, a player is not the standard when you are losing to the (bleep) Oakland Raiders who have been a USFL team for the last decade.

Steelers have some young talent waiting. It is time to clean the Cowher Era officially and let the young guys play. And Tomlin will need to devise a plan to keep his hard headed idiot QB from getting hurt. If Ben isnt playing, you aint winning. It doesn't matter if Ben's game is holding the (bleep) for 15 secs, the older he gets with the pounding he has already taken for 10 years, isnt gonna work anymore. ADJUST, if he cant adjust, time to find a damn QB. The standard is winning Super Bowl's, if that QB will not adjust his game or isnt good enough to adjust to stay on the field to WIN SUPER BOWL's, then what the hell are you doing out there? It's common sense.
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