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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
We'd have to draft a completely new defensive line. Heyward, Hood and McLendon don't have the speed or pass rushing ability to generate interior and outside-the-tackles pressure that would be required. I'm seeing some guys saying they like the Giants and their defensive scheme which is a great one, I'll acknowledge that. But, you have to look at who's on their roster, too.

Their line is anchored by JPP and Justin Tuck. JPP is an absolute freak and probably the best 4-3 DLinemen in the NFL. Our guys just aren't fast enough or possess the right skillset for us to make the switch. If we're going to change, we'd have to draft Jordan or Mingo in the first round, and then someone like Montgomery in the second and revamp our defensive throughout the draft. We could throw Woodley and Worilds on the line as well, but then we're seriously lacking at LB.

If we transition, we'd have to go...

Jordan - Heyward / Hood (DT? They're too small) - McLendon (can he generate pressure at DT?) - Woodley

and we have problems. First and foremost, who's playing DT? If we do end up drafting Jordan and Montgomery, then we're playing an attacking 4-3 which I guess could work, but he's small to play in the interior. It could work, but it'd be pressing it a little bit. I do like the idea of Woodley and Jordan being edge rushers, though, and I think that would work beautifully.

If we were to transition to the 4-3, our draft would have to look something like ...

R1. Dion Jordan
R2. John Jenkins / Kawann Short
R3. Nico Johnson
R4. Robert Lester
R5. William Gholston

and that's best case scenario. A couple things you look at there, no WRs or RBs.

This isn't the year to transition to a 4-3. When LeBeau leaves and we bring in another defensive mind, maybe, but there's too many other holes to fill on this roster and ultimately, we don't have the guys to play a 4-3. Heyward and Hood don't possess the skillset to play in a 4-3 as they lack speed and true pass rushing ability.

I'd love to transition to it in 2014 but that transition would have to start this year. Drafting Dion Jordan and a legitimate DT to play in a 4-3 would be required in this draft while picking up another DT to play in the interior as well either in the draft or free agency. I do like the idea of it though.

Just asking but didn't our crap OLINE rip that all powerful Giant DL a new one?
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