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Default Re: Is Colbert Quietly on the 'Hot Seat'?

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I am designing an algorithm-- it will determine the level of backlash received from fellow posters in comparison to the level of controversiality of the post.

The deeper into the bowels of the organization we level criticism, the more resistance is encountered from fellow members.

You should know, CANADA, that certain people in the Steelers' org are untouchable in the fans' eyes.

Teegre, did a very good job of listing out all the draft picks since 2008. But really, out of all the 4 or 5 guys per draft that "panned out"-- how many of them are domiant, game-changing players like we expect as fans of this team?

It took Timmons until this year to figure out what the hell he is supposed to be doing.

Woodley is turning into Lamar the Hutt.

Hood has been descent, but not awe-inspiring at all. Can't tell yet about Heyward.

We are about to let Mendenhall walk away over a petty personality conflict.

Sweed was garbage. Bruce Davis was garbage.

We have a number of starters that came from those drafts, and they got us to an 8-8 season. Pouncey, Wallace, and Brown are about the only guys that are still playing at a high level, or that did not fall off a cliff after one successful season.

KC is a far better GM than 99% of them out there-- but he is not perfect. His tone of late would strongly suggest the psychology behind what CANADA is suggesting.

I don't think his job is in danger this year-- but I am sure the Rooneys have made it clear they are not happy with what most of our recent drafts have produced on teh field.

Are you really happy with all of the personnel we have right now? The Ravens were also hit with the injury bug this year and lost 3 former DPOY over the coursse of the season at times (Reed, Lewis, and Suggs), but they are still in the playoffs and looking for their next title because their roster had better depth behind te estarters than the Steelers. The blame for that has to fall on KC and the personnel department, at least partially.
You mention that this group of talent got the Steelers to 8-8. May retort is that until the best player on the team got hurt (BB), they were 6-3 & being talked about as serious SuperBowl contenders.

Yes, the Ravens have good depth, but it is debatable whether it's any better than the Steelers. Losing Terrell Suggs is the same as losing James Harrison. Losing Ed Reed is the same as losing Troy. Losing Lardarius = losing Ike & Keenan & Cortez. Et cetera. The difference was that the Steelers lost a top-five QB.

Speaking of top-tier players, AB, Keenan Lewis, & Cortez Allen are great picks. Wallace, while a "flash in the pan", was still a great pick. That is four good starters out on the "islands"... which most teams do not have.

The first rounders have been better than people want to give them credit. Hood is debatable; but, Pouncey is every bit as good a pick as Troy was. It's too soon to know about Heyward & DD: DD has been injured, and Heyward has been stuck behind Keisel (much like Keisel was stuck behind von Oelhoffen for four years).

Sure, Colbert hit back-to-back home runs with BB & Troy... but, aside from Ike, very little came out of those drafts. I still contest (as many experts have also averred) that the 2002 draft was the key draft for setting up the future SuperBowl runs.

Yes, playmakers are essential, but I argue that regardless of round selected, the Steelers have added a good amount of playmakers: AB, Wallace, Pouncey, Lewis, Allen... and possibly Spence, DD, & Heyward. I'd even argue that Adams & Gilbert can turn into this generation's Marvel Smith & Max Starks.

I am HIGHLY optimistic about the next few years with this team.
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