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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
every year ? this is probably the 10th thread started on this subject in the past year alone...
you'd think the defense was finishing in the bottom 10 every year instead of the top 10.
the problem is everybody thinks theres other teams playing great D every week. well who are those teams ? what 4-3 defense gives these guys such a chub that they feel the steelers need to emulate ?
I agree with you, but the Giants run a 4-3 and they have a ridiculous front 7. The Pats and Bears run a 4-3 and they were creating turnovers with no problem and in fact, the Bears tied the NFL record with 8 defensive TDs. The Bengals run a 4-3 and they lead the league in sacks.

There is an argument to be made to switch to the 4-3, but we just don't have the personnel to do so, so at this time it's really a moot point. We'd have to draft a new interior defensive line with high picks when we could address WR, RB and S in the same rounds.
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