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Default Re: Is Colbert Quietly on the 'Hot Seat'?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Thank you, Riddle, for understanding my post.

I'm not asking him to be fired or let go this offseason, and I'm not playing the blame game. I was recognizing that there has been some issues in this organization in regards to the draft, free agency, lucrative contracts, etc. and some of that has to fall on the shoulders of the GM. His own words were "we don't have very many franchise players on this roster" and we're 15 million over the cap? I'm sorry, but that's a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Harrison having a cap hit over 10 million dollars is another serious problem. Not having depth at very many - if any - defensive positions on this roster is another serious problem and some of those, if not all, fall on the shoulders of Colbert.

Again, I'm not calling for his head or asking him to be fired this offseason. I'm asking for some level-headed thinking about the issues that are on this team and where they might be coming from instead of just blaming Tomlin and Ben.

Thank you Teegre for the logical response and you're right - we have drafted well in the later rounds. The problem is, we're not hitting with the first two - three on a consistent basis and that has to change. We've managed to draft special teams players with great consistency, but have failed to draft starters and that, again, falls on scouting but ultimately Colbert.
As I was saying to Riddle, Allen, AB, Wallace, Adams, Gilbert, Lewis are all good starters. Spence and DD have been injured. I am optimistic about this team's future.

As I was mentioning, I think it is more to do with the last two picks: Ta'amu & Rainey than anything else. In fact, I was just reading (Hawaii posted the same article) about Colbert "defending" his taking of Ta'a'mu & Rainey, saying that sometimes you "have to take a risk."

I mentioned this in another thread: sometime,s when you have good players, this happens. Can you imagine the outcry if Colbert had NOT given big contracts to Harrison, Troy and/or BB??? Every few years, bought decision have to be made... as in: Good-bye Keisel (Heyward is 1/16 the cost).
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