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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

I don't think anyone said that. I see a few instances of members giving Harbaugh credit, but none actually said that.

I can say I don't want John Harbaugh for a coach. I don't care if he was coaching a nuns knitting team, he would scream and yell and act like the lower form of life he is. I live in Maryland, very near Baltimore, so I am subject to his smarmy self-absorbed narcissistic personality on a regular basis. Anybody who thinks he has a modicum of decency needs to reexamine their own sense of morality. I will tell you this - if they lose, even by 40 points, he will blame everybody but his team, himself, and the other team for actually beating him. He is embarrassment to those of us who walk upright.

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
Oh man, how sweet is this?! Watching Steeler fans fret about how they wished they had JOHN HARBAUGH as their coach! Made my week!
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