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Default Re: Can someone tell me how we ended up in this cap hell situation?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Thanks for the sweet new nickname, I might change my username to Mr. Facts.

Woodley weighed 265 before the injury and I'm guessing he weighs anywhere between 275 - 280 now. See, that's the difference, though. I'm just speculating on his weight - the result of my logic was sound. He was playing at a higher level and record-setting pace the year he got his big contract until he was injured. The fact that you haven't acknowledged this fact yet makes me realize that you're probably not going to. You'd rather sit there and stay with your speculation about conversations that never happened and Woodley's thought process which again, you can't ever know.

It's ok, though. I get it.
But you have to acknowledge that he underpeformed in a big way this year. And he has to fix that We pay him I think something around 11 mil and it's hard for every OLB to make that money worth it but he not only performed not to that level since his injuries but he is an absolut failure since then. So if he comes back to his 1st half 2011 form the next season I keep my mouth shut, but he has to produce now. We can't afford another season like that from him.
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