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Default Re: 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
5 accidentally shot out of 10,000 isn't significant? Heinz field holds 65,000. If everyone was carrying at the next game you attend and only 32 are shot (higher if people, God forbid, drink at the game) you are fine and will feel safe with your family there. Odds in your favor and all.
No, it's actually not significant. That's not a valid comparison either, because you know for a fact that not everyone is going to carry a gun at Heinz field. You're creating a straw man argument.

If you wanted to even make a valid argument here, you would say this is one of the reasons the gun show loopholes should be closed (which isn't limited to gun shows, gun show is just a buzzword). And I agree that they should be closed. Gun shows should be limited to FFL sellers. You'll never (or very rarely) catch one of them trying to sell a loaded shotgun (the guy selling it most likely forgot). The other two, who were openly loading their pistols, should be criminally punished in some way (I'm guessing their not stark raving criminals, so I'd lay a hefty fine on them for being stupid). These are realistic solutions.
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